In Development | Gothic Zen® Studios

FORMAT: Feature Film

GENRE: Psychological Realism Fantasy Drama


WRITER: Goran Zivanovic


PLATFORM GOAL: Limited Screenings and Festivals and Online Streaming

DEVELOPMENT STAGE: Completed POC and Production White (script)

                   Set design and construction has commenced

COPYRIGHT HOLDER: Gothic Zen® Studios and Goran Zivanovic



Soul Piercer

When several near-death experiences become more beneficial than all the sciences, philosophies and spiritual practices combined, the “Soul Piercer” must choose life or death.

The Past, Present and Future

This story begain in 2001 after Goran was struck by lightning and had an NDE. The experience helped shed layers of dead skin from his life it would take a few more years to grow into his new being.

There were immediate changes, such as regular sleep paralysis episodes and some kind of alien awakening. Then, automatic writing and surreal dreams exhausted his creativity. He wrote manuscripts and published books under a pseudonym because he was still learning the craft and personal circumstances were sensitive.

Soul Piercer is an extention of three of his manuscripts (published and unpublished). The feature has begun the pre-production phase and will be entirely filmed in Queensland Australia.

Writer’s statement

Contrary to what is said, time does not heal all wounds. This production makes an important distinction between what people want to believe and what they could believe, if they removed the stress of caring about conformity.

Soul Piercer provides an opportunity for viewers to escape collective reasonings and attach themselves to a personalised alternative instead that could enrich their lives. However, it won’t be a comfortable ride.

Why would audiences become emotionally invested in these seductive characters?

Our protagonist, Julian, is unhinged and as far removed from reality as one can get whilst reading a pulse. His deeply internal mindset has given him the scope to leave his life’s burdens behind and transcend into another dimension of conflicts.

I’ll redirect my thoughts here…

I question who the creator of this series of events really is. I’ve lived with Julian Aquinas Marcus long enough to fully consider his effect on the human mind. Now is the time for the Soul Piercer to find a new host and commence dismantling the fears of freewill without the poison of divine instructions.

And then came Bliss…

Bliss Stone is a real being, and she’s actually the reason this story made it onto the page.

Bliss and Julian are tightly bound on the opposite ends of a philisophical spectrum. When the atmosphere in Julian’s world becomes too toxic, Bliss adds another line of reasoning so the host has an opportunity to escape the madness.

If you like a string of emotional contradictions with your “us or them” attitude, Julian and Bliss make an ideal threesome.

One more thing…

Although I have had a near-death experience, all similarities to events, real people, locations and institutions, are purely fictional and coincidental, except for the ones that might not be. This really is personal.

Why is it important?

People like watching a train wreck unfold and they prefer the passengers to be an extension of themselves. This relatability doesn’t seem healthy, but it reflects our fears of moving forward and changing attitudes towards positive outcomes.

Soul Piercer is for them; for you and me, for our wounds and healing process. It’s for those who don’t believe anything can survive the wreckage, and marvel at what life can emerge.

Gothic Zen® Studios are excited to bring Soul Piercer to life and we hope other visionaries can help push the production along. Further progress announcements will be revealed in the coming weeks, as well as video progress reports.

If you are an industry professional and would like to know more about this mind-bending production, please contact Gothic Zen® Studios for further documentation.

Great storytelling requires collaboration.

We’re grateful for those who work alongside us.