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When you work with Gothic Zen, you’ll appreciate the passionate, friendly and thorough approach we take to bringing your production to life.

Over the years, our services have been used for commercial projects that have aired on FOX Sports and as TVCs, and we’ve also had the honour of working with international music stars, budding documentarians, Mums with TV pilot concepts, jet-setting entrepreneurs and creatives who live for their work – and need to share it with the world. This has given us the experience to understand different workflows and be more relevant to industry changes and challenges.

Grateful for our vast experience, we now take greater interest in smaller, intimate productions and have worked alongside highly skilled individuals in the music, film and theatre industry.


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Online Courses

Music Videos


Acting Showreels

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Concept Creation

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Audience Engagement

Literature to Screenplay

Pitching Approach

Purpose and Tone

Impactful Audiovisual

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Collaborating with Passionate Clients

Proof of Concepts

VHS to Digital

Footage Improvement

Funeral Slideshows

Digital Effects

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Please note that Gothic Zen® Studios is not a funding body, but such topics are covered in the upcoming  GZS Screenwriting Course.


“Gothic Zen are incredible! They offered us professional advice to assist us in putting together our ideas, and then created a supportive and relaxed environment for our filming. We highly recommend anyone needing any type of filming or editing to contact Gothic Zen – a beautiful couple with a wonderful work ethic.”

– Delina, Fit Dimension Education