Taught by a qualified screenwriting lecturer




What stands out to me the most about Goran in his Screenwriting lectures, is that he’s able to appeal to anyone’s experience/skill level and able to expand their knowledge and practice. Would absolutely recommend Goran to ANY creative wanting to get their Screenwriting caps on.


Screenwriting Student

Engaging and knowledgeable, Goran makes learning screenwriting fun and simple to understand.

Stephen O.

Screenwriter, Director, Producer

An exceptional teacher! Well structured and engaging classes. Grateful for the experience.


Actor and Screenwriting Student

Goran’s humble nature guided me on my journey, and his experience and compassion have tuned him into a Mentor of mine! The writing knowledge, and skills I now possess, I owe to Goran! I cannot thank him enough for the effort he puts in day in, day out – 12/10.


Screenwriting Student, Visual Artist

Through G’s gentle yet assertive approach, he created an environment that allowed ideas to flourish and the next generation of Screenwriters to begin their journey on a positive note, holding all the tools they need for a prosperous career within the creative industry.


Screenwriting Student

Goran was an absolute legend! He took the time to reach out to each and everyone of us, there was no such thing as a bad idea and he helped us polish and focus our writing skills, or lack thereof. I am so grateful I had the chance to experience his teaching, as it has given me the confidence to take up writing seriously.


Filmmaking Student and Budding Screenwriter


Do I need screenwriting experience for this course?

If you don’t have any previous screenwriting experience or knowledge, that’s no problem. This course begins with the basics and moves on to more technical aspects as you progress. The only pre-requisite for this course is a passion for storytelling.

Who is this course suitable for?
  • Adults who are passionate about storytelling
  • Authors who want to convert their books into film-ready screenplays
  • Actors who want to learn screenwriting
  • Storytellers who struggle to go from concept to application
  • Screenwriters who need a modern approach refresher
Is this course suitable for advanced Screenwriters?

These classes are designed to be the foundation of the latest practices and include a bit of crystal-balling of industry trends. Some screenwriting practices are set in stone and slow to change. If you are an advanced screenwriter, this would be more of a refresher course, plus and an opportunity to further develop your technique from a different mindset.

What software do I need?

The choice is yours, but any screenwriting program that suits your budget and computer requirements will do. There are free screenwriting programs available online that you might like to try before you buy.

Will I be able to pitch to Producers, Directors or Agents during the online Masterclass?

No. This session is designed to help you practice your pitching skills. The intention is to direct you with best practice methods so that, when the time comes to pitch to professionals, you know what’s expected of you and you feel more confident.

Does completing this course guarantee I’ll get my script sold?

No. This Screenwriting Intensive will teach you how to write a script and pitch it in a way that could appeal to industry professionals; however, selling your complete script will be up to you. Screenwriting is a competitive industry and there are no guarantees within it. We want to see you succeed and support you through this course structure.

Can I get feedback of my screenplay or pitch?

Yes, there will be regular opportunities for this with live online events. Depending on numbers and workflow, all people who sign up to this couse will be invited to readings and feedback sessions with other students and Goran.

I personally enjoy screenwriting and exploring story/character ideas quite a lot, and having you as a Screenwriting teacher has definitely increased my passion and appreciation towards screenwriting even more. When it came to asking advice regarding scripts, you always gave me helpful feedback that helped me improve as a writer.


Screenwriting Student