In Development | Gothic Zen® Studios

FORMAT: Feature Film

GENRE: Historical Psychological Drama


WRITER: Goran Zivanovic

LANGUAGE: English and Eastern European (English subtitles)

PLATFORM GOAL: Cinematic Release and Online Distribution Deals

DEVELOPMENT STAGE: Completed POC and Production White (script).

COPYRIGHT HOLDER: Gothic Zen® Studios and Goran Zivanovic



Caterpillar Girl

1960s. An oppressed Hollywood screenwriter finds her writer’s voice in a remote European village when she meets a broken teenage bride.

The Past, Present and Future

This feature length Screenplay was recently pulled off the market despite being “Under Consideration” from several production houses in the U.S. and Canada. There are a couple of reasons for this decision to remove it from sale.

Caterpillar Girl’s production budget sits between $2MM – 5MM(US) and has been tested in a couple of European Film Contests with solid results. However, an AUSTRALIAN film festival rejected its entry despite its interest elsewhere.

To some degree, it was to be expected due to its stylistic form. In this industry, someone’s gold could be another person’s trash, and it often comes down to the first reader. This is one of the reasons why Gothic Zen® Studios doesn’t put laurels in the same basket as success, nor do we enter countless competitions. We won’t give you a history lesson here, but we’re sure you can find some great examples of how this applies to some of the greatest (and not so great) films.

After many incarnations over the past decade, Gothic Zen® Studios now has an opportunity to honour their vision for Caterpillar Girl. It won’t be easy, but with an important message behind this provocative journey of transformation, this slightly revised version has reached its final metamorphic stage.

We are excited to see where Caterpillar Girl will land and hope other visionaries can help her speak the unspeakable. Further progress announcements will be revealed in the coming weeks. If you’re an industry professional and would like to know more about this project, please contact Gothic Zen® Studios for further documentation.

Why is it important?

This story is an acceleration of truth by delving into the past. It comes from a slate of personal observations and being involuntarily affected by loved ones who are seduced by primitive laws and lack of self-identity.

In many respects, this is a silent protest and societal awakening from cult-like behaviours.

My biological mother never truly escaped her childhood losses and was thrust into womanhood way too early. She is a beautiful soul who can be mesmerising like a butterfly, but most often acted like a caterpillar searching for comfort in a barren forest. She dropped from one branch to the next and didn’t notice her developed wings ready to fan out its beautiful patterns. She continues to stay in the decaying past for long periods of time, but now she’s there for different reasons.

This gift of life she gave me is not for my misery. It is a serve to experience the darkest of places and illuminate them with love and personal truth.

There is another person, who I won’t speak of who has also contributed greatly and painfully, to the emotional journey of this feature film’s protagonists.

Over the years, these women (and some men) in my life were the reason Caterpillar Girl crawled into my subconscious and ate the bitter-sweet pages of this screenplay.

Caterpillar Girl reminds me that positive transformation can occur when the worst things in life happen, but it can also drown a person in a dark, dry well without emotional support.

Great storytelling requires collaboration.

We’re grateful for those who work alongside us.