Meet the Co-Founders of Gothic Zen® Studios

Gothic Zen® Studios Co-founders

EST. 2013

Gothic Zen® Studios on the  Gold Coast is a boutique film production house that supports the needs of creatives.

By providing film production services and screenwriting education, we specialise in helping clients find their unique voice and connecting them with their target audience with solid purpose.

At Gothic Zen® Studios, we’re proud to take cinematic storytelling to another level of understanding. When something is said to be “cinematic”, for us this represents the wider experience, not just the imagery alone. It’s the emotional landscape an audience creates within their own mind, that relates to their own mapping of a story, that’s truly impactful. This expanded perspective is applied to all of our creative works.

Without exception, respecting our clients’ vision and needs is of the upmost importance to the Gothic Zen journey.

Goran Zivanovic

Creative Director/Educator

Goran holds a Bachelor of Film Production from SAE Institute, Byron Bay, and has also began his Masters in Creative Industries. As a natural teacher, Goran has obtained a teaching qualification and is a respected screenwriting lecturer.

His unique style and honest approach to reactive storytelling, which often deviates from traditional Hollywood models, makes him popular with our clients and students.

Known for his hauntingly seductive style, Goran has a tendency to induce unsettling realities and themes in his work. He continues to practice his craft with long form works currently in production.

Goran’s awards are secondary to the complete creative freedom of revealing his soul’s intentions in his work.

Clare Zivanovic

Production Consultant

Clare will likely be your first point of contact with Gothic Zen. She is integral to helping ideas transition from concept through to final, polished productions and is responsible for much of the behind-the-scenes work.

About 10 years ago, Clare swapped a clinical career in natural medicine for a creative one. She learned film production and design skills from respected and awarded industry professionals, and is committed to keeping her skills updated.

Her attention to detail in the video editing process ensures a quality result that hits the beats of any production. Clare is also a published children’s author and freelance content writer who has worked with clients around the globe.

Professional & Efficient

“Thanks so very much, Goran and Clare, it was a pleasure working with you. You’re both truly professional and efficient in delivery – skills that are rare to find these days. I feel privileged to have met you both. Good luck future endeavours.”

– Jody, Theatre Director