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Soul Piercer Movie - Gothic Zen Studios
Gothic Zen® Screenwriting Masterclass
Soul Piercer - Gothic Zen Studios
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Great Production Ideas

“Very friendly, grassroots company with great production ideas! Clare and Goran made me feel comfortable in front of the camera thanks to their kind natures and composure behind the camera.”

– Scott, Gloria Jeans Customer

Discover the Art of Meaningful Screenwriting and Industry Formatting skills.

Taking a holistic approach to storytelling means you become fully mindful of your audience, their expectations and your intentions, legal and ethical responsibilities, and a genuine passion of the cinematic art.

Your abilities as a screenwriter will also be tested by film industry professionals. These readers (agents, directors, producers, funding bodies etc.) will be scrutinising your application of documents during the pitching process before deciding to read your screenplay.

The script formatting and structural elements must be in place in order for your story to hit the mark, because those first pages are crucial for a complete read.

Gothic Zen® Studios

We test the market constantly to remove some of the guess work and make informed decisions when applying industry trends and practices.

Gothic Zen® Studios supports creatives who have a film concept in mind.

Our clients appreciate the passion and caring approach we put into their productions.

Over the years, our services have been used in commercial and passion projects. Our clients’ productions have aired on FOX and commercial television. This has given us the experience to understand different workflows and be more relevant to industry changes and challenges.

We take great pride in smaller, intimate productions and have worked alongside highly talented artists in the music, film and theatre industry.

Depending on the project, Gothic Zen® Studios has other creatives, such as actors and specialised crew, on speed dial too.